Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Weekend Outing - Toronto

A fruit & veggie opera! This weekend the comic opera Get Suffed! is starting their Ontario wide tour. Get Stuffed is a children's opera about making healthy food choices....starring your favourite fruits & veggies!

It's the perfect combination of the arts, children & healthy food! The opera performs Saturday May 15th at the Distillery District (Toronto) before it heads off to other towns across Ontario. The target audience is children aged 6 -12 and the characters in the opera include Miss Apple, Miss French Fry & the Big Cheese!

You can find out more about Get Stuffed & the program here.

Sounds like a great event! I am planning on checking it out this weekend and will report back. Here's hoping the veggies will be nice & fresh and not soaking wet! :)

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