Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Check Out These Little Foodies in Hawaii!

Allow me to introduce you to the beautiful folks of Akamai Backyard in Kauai, Hawaii! Akamai Backyard is a home schooling project that teaches kids how to grow their own food, appreciate what the land provides, and learn about their community and the world through their natural surroundings.

This is all an exercise in permaculture, which is defined as "A unique approach to the practice of sustainable farming, ranching, gardening and living, by designing constructed ecosystems that serve the needs of human populations without degrading the natural environment. Permaculture sites integrate plants, animals, landscapes, structures, and humans into symbiotic systems while requiring a minimum of materials, energy, and labour to maintain". This definition came from Green Destinations.

In short, permaculture is "an agriculture style that mimics nature". Not only does it cut down on food miles considerably, permaculture also restores the connection to the land that has been lost through modernization, and decreases the reliance on outside sources for food.

In addition to growing food and raising animals, the kids also learn about science, the environment, politics, current events, music, Hawaiian culture, public speaking, mathematics, yoga, cooking and other life skills.

What they are doing is so inspiring! I hope you enjoy learning about it as much as I did.

CLICK HERE to check out their amazing video!

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